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A popular Ghanaian radio presenter call Nana Atobra also know as DJ plus two  affiliated to or work with a radio media house called promise radio 105.1MHz at Manso Nkwanta the capital of  Amansie west district in the Ashanti region  has been arrested for unauthorized manipulation of the station's transmitter.

These incidents was identified when a thender strike to cause the transmitter to stop functioning for about one week ago and it was sent  for repairs.

In the process the repairer commented that the machine has already been serviced or not new as they claim since the screws on it has been loose before, at these point that the  management of promise radio 105.1mhz and Millinium Promise Alliance suspected someone has manipulate the machine in a way. 

These made the management of promise radio 105.1 MHz which is bonafide property of Millinium Promise Alliance Ghana claim that the transmitter is a brand new machine which know one has even serviced before since bought, so if that is the case, then they suspected that  Dj plus two who is the worker in control of the station, he  is the one who has done that.

With these they alarm the Ghana police to arrest DJ plus two for such an act to be in the custody police for further investigation to go on.

 However the police acted on to arrest him. He was send to Kumasi central police station when arrested but as it stands now he has been able to succeed bail for investigation to proceed.

As to how the claim to be true or not will be base on the findings of police since they have lay down the process for the investigation.

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