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The people of Wasa Amenfi Central who are found to be trainees of 2021PHC training exercise organized by the Ghana statistical service send a word of caution to GSS to stick to  whatever they have said  in their circular and also requesting for increase of salary for the field work which will begin on 13th June.

Ghana Statistical Service (PHC2021)

We the trainees of Manso Amenfi 2021PHC wants to bring to the attention of authorities of Ghana Statistical service of our outmost concern of the net allowances for the 2021 PHC exercise and delay of payment of transportation.

Reference is hereby made to the communique issued by GSS to DCO which was read to all trainees at the training centre at Manso Amenfi secondary school - Manso Amenfi. In the communique, all trainees are entitled to,

1.Transportation for 11 days training would be 330

2.No per diem (allowance for days work)

3.Actual allowance/stipend for field work Gh2520

Our concerns 

1. Upon enquiry and information reaching trainees that, we are to receive Gh 440 as transportation and not GH 330 

2.we are also to receive Gh 800 as training allowance 

How can one come for Training starting 6am to 6pm without supper, no accommodation and looking at the nature of where we are coming from in our various localities to the district capital, we are been cheated if you give us 330 as T&T.

3. Looking at the nature of work, we are pleading with authorities to increase actual salary to at least GH3500

Hoping our request would be  considered and necessary action taken else...... advise ourselves 


Dated: 10/06/2021

Cc: Chief Census Officer 
        Regional Census Officer - Western   Region
         District Census Officer - Wasa Amenfi Central 
           DCE - Wasa Amenfi Central 
           Coordinating Director - Wasa Amenfi Central 
             MP - Wasa Amenfi Central constituency.

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