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An Open Letter To Hon Andrew Asiamoah Amoako, MP For Fomena


7th December 2020, the people of Fomena went to the polls with very clear options (NPP, NDC, and an Independent Candidate) as to who to represent them in Parliament, their direct representative in the law making chamber.

The people of Fomena were very clear in their minds who they were voting for when in came to their MP. They were not of the mistaken belief that Hon Asiamoah Amoako was not representing the NPP but that he was contesting the seat as an independent candidate.

Why? Because president Akufo Addo visited Fomena constituency prior to the December elections to inform the people himself that Hon. Asiamoah Amoako was no longer one of them, the NPP, in fact, he had been sacked and the party had a candidate. He asked the chiefs and people of Fomena to vote for the NPP parliamentary candidate.

President Akufo Addo was in Fomena to campaign not only for the NPP parliamentary candidate but to also campaign against Hon Asiamah. He didn’t mince words, his language was without mercy.


The response of the people of Fomena needs to replay, it was well too obvious, an outright repudiation of the president.


Hon Amoako please remain an independent Member of Parliament for your people. That was who the people of Fomena chose, an independent-minded MP. They rejected the two traditional parties, NDC and NPP.

NPP had a candidate who was soundly rejected by your people. Think about this, Imagine the NPP retained the Fomena seat, would you have been invited to the feast? Or imagine the NDC had won the Fomena seat giving the NDC a slim majority of one after your risky venture, will the NPP ever have forgiven you knowing how vindictive this president is?

I believe it’s about time our democracy is able to nurture and grow strong independent persons who Stand for the system and by so doing the people of Ghana, not individuals or sectional interest damn the consequences.

The happenings of these past weeks and months suggest our institutions are failing the people and can no longer be relied upon to be independent.

You have that one unique moment and history will remember you forever. Hawa Yakubu (may her soul rest in peace) was once that iron lady. She took the moment and served mother Ghana.

Accepting this challenge and adopting this posture will be good for our democracy. Vote for NPP when your conscience tells you it is right and vote with the NDC when you believe it is in the best interest of the nation to do so. Do not blow this unique once in a lifetime opportunity.

137 vs 137 seats (because NDC will retain Assin seat) between the NDC and NPP with you as the nation’s law maker and hope or salvation whichever way you call it, rest assured you are more powerful than any of the 3 arms of government.

Ghanaians will love you and the constituency of Fomena will forever be relevant in the political history of Ghana because their decision and your singular act of bravery. If you choose to sit and vote with the NPP, you will be swallowed and forgotten forever.

It is not too late to consider my invitation to you to remain independent as the people of Fomena have decided and make it clear that you are not identifying with any political party and that you will remain neutral for the purposes of all votings.

Trust me, this singular power of your thumb will win you more international admiration and influence and attention and gratification which no appointment offered by President Akufo Addo or later president Mahama after the election petition can give you. I pause for now. Coming days are pregnant.

Kizito Akudago.

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