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On Sunday 6th December 2020 around 5:30am a native named Kwabena Juma from  Manso Datano suburb of Amansie south district in Ashanti region of Ghana committed suicide.

Kwabena Juma is about 26years old with all his parents dead leaving him with other three siblings also a married man with two kids with wife living in his own house in Manso Datano

Information gathered from the scene is that he had small issues with his wife recently which has separated them for a while but is only yesterday that it was resolved by the elders and in evening his wife came to sleep with him. she even requested for Ghc5 and he gave it to her but  early this morning she wake up to see that her husband Kwabena Juma has commit suicide.

In addition, rumors circulating is that he is also someone who like drinking alcohol and "Asraa" so it is suspected that it may be the influencer of his suicide.

He even attended watch night at Church of  Besathda on Monday 30th November 2020 where he was prophecy to that there is a plot against him so he shouldn't take in alcohol from that day onwards. 

As at now no one know the actual cause for him to commit suicide except him only.

Pictures At the scene

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